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Dan Tana's

Michael Gotovac Is The Heartbeat Of Dan Tana

On Santa Monica Boulevard is an Italian restaurant by the name of Dan Tana’s. It is situated in the heart of West Hollywood, making it a go-to for many different celebrities to come in and enjoy a meal and even sit at the bar.

Meet Michael Gotovac

For those who have sat at the bar, they have likely met Michael Gotovac - our resident bartender who has been with us for many years. He has had a front row seat to see Dan Tana’s grow into the popular restaurant it has become. It is a legendary hot spot featuring a menu with a little bit of everything for everyone.

Michael Gotovac has actually been with us for 48 of the 50 years we've been open. When he first joined our team, he knew very little English, and now he's the resident storyteller. He has impressed a number of Hollywood's finest with his bartending skills, and was soon featured in Eater, a Los Angeles based blog that is always talking about the hottest restaurants around.

While you'll now only be lucky enough to find Michael here two days a week, he still loves coming in because of the atmosphere we've created together. He remains a student of his craft, while continuously introducing our guests to the classics that were enjoyed back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Meet Michael

Michael has become the go-to man at the restaurant. People recognize the lovable Croatian and feel inclined to spill their deepest and darkest secrets to him as he pours them a glass of Chianti or mixes up one of their favorite martinis. He has some incredible stories to share and there are plenty of people who go in just to see him. With memories dating back to 1968 when he first began slinging drinks at Dan Tana’s, it’s always fun to stop by for story time.

Authentic Italian Favorites

People choose to dine with us time and again because we have the Italian favorites that everyone loves. As Michael Gotovac will tell you, we don’t keep up with the fads because we have found it is not what people want when they walk through our doors. We keep our restaurant and our bar open late, which makes us the ideal location after coming in from a concert or show. Sit down and let Michael fix you a cocktail and recommend something off the menu, perhaps the Clams Casino or the Chicken Vesuvius.

We do accept walk-ins, but we recommend that you contact us for reservations to be sure you have a table waiting for you, any day of the week.



Dan Tana's and the Troubadour

Located on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA is the famous Troubadour. Founder Doug Weston opened the club in 1957, hoping to entertain some of Hollywood's inhabitants with fresh new musical and comedy acts.

The Sixties and Seventies

In the '60s, musical shows by The Tambourines, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Neil Young, and Tim Buckley all took the stage, some with their musical debuts. Richard Pryor and Steve Martin are among the comedy acts that were viewed. 

In the '70s, Cheech and Chong were discovered, Elton John made his debut, and Neil Diamond recorded live at the Troubadour. Janis Joplin partied at the club the night before her death. Led Zeppelin took the stage and jammed with a three-hour long performance.

The Word Gets Out

In the '70s, the Troubadour took off in a way no one would have foreseen. Often, musicians would sign a record label almost immediately after a performance on the stage of the popular club. The eccentricities of owner Doug Weston had artists signing contracts so they would keep coming back to play shows after they made it big. The headlines would become bigger and bigger because of this unique agreement between the owner and those artists that did happen to make a name for themselves. Larger acts would be booked, and the word was out that the Troubadour was "the place" to be. More and more celebrities would start frequenting the club, and it would become packed with patrons hoping to catch a glimpse of musicians that have made it while watching new acts that might just be the next big hit.

After Party Hot Spot

At this time, Dan Tana's started to reap the benefits from the increasingly popular acts. The celebrities that were frequenting the club would stop in the Italian restaurant after the show was over to talk about the acts and to relax after the excitement of the night. The bar was busy with those who wanted to have a nightcap after the show. Once people visited, they would come back again after the next big show. The word got out not only about the Troubadour, but also that there was great food, cool drinks, and an atmosphere that could not be duplicated right down the street at Dan Tana's.

The Following Decades

The eighties brought a whole new type of music to the Troubadour with the rise of hair bands and new wave artists. Artists from Metallica to Duran Duran hit the stage. The nineties brought about grunge music and heavy metal with acts including Pearl Jam, Korn, and System of a Down. In 1999, owner Doug Weston passed away. Afterward, Johnny Cash played one of his last shows with his wife June Carter.

The next decade brought about an array of artists, from the Foo Fighters to Tom Jones to Rod Stewart. Elton John returned, this time to watch in the audience as the Strypes performed. Rolling Stones named the Troubadour the second best rock club in the United States in 2013 and Billboard named it one of the top five venues to play in the United States.

The top artists keep performing regularly today. Dan Tana's is still there as well, serving the same fine meals until after midnight. The bar is still busy with patrons who just enjoyed the show. The ambiance? It is still as if you stepped back more than forty years: unchanged, safe, and familiar. The Troubadour and Dan Tana's have now been working together for over fifty years, and time hasn't changed a thing.

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